Ateesa used by planners and facilitators


Client Service Care planners

Service intake process to collect information

NDIS Plan and Goals in Ateesa to allow reflection of services expected by NDIS Planner

Client Plans allowing additional client goals outside those specified in NDIS Plan to gather as transparent an understanding of Client's goals as possible

NDIS Plan funded supports tracking ensures accurate agreement with Client regarding funding of services to be provided

In Home support planners

Scheduling of resources including travel time

Matching of staff skill required for service 

Publishing of lists and information to staff on the schedule of services they are to deliver - to mobile devices

Respite planners

Ability to add Clients to compatibility groups

Ability to schedule staff for individual respite services and staff to review their lists

Staff delivering services have information available from mobile devices

Management of group respite

Timesheets collect information of actual times

Accommodation planners

Tenancy records reflect any renting arrangments associated with Supported Accommodation

Meal management and medication administration functionality allows setup and auto recurring prompting to delivery staff

Scheduling of staff 

Automated alerts including SMS can be escalated on

Employment planners

Jobs register showing available jobs and job requirements

Applicants can be added to each available job prior to selection

When a job is given to to an applicant employment history and other records are auto updated

Able bodied productivity records and skill assessments allow auto calculation of hourly rates

Award increase function is available 

Day Options planners

Group services (Day Option programs) are set up with number of available vacancies 

Bookings are tracked and lists of participants available for staff delivering

Compatibility groups can be used to guide bookings process

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