Licensing and prices

Prices are ex GST and are subject to change without notice - please contact us for confirmation and conditions.
Prices are A$ per user per month.

We have configured "Ateesa User Roles" functionality so that Users see only what they need - and their lives are not complicated by ALL the functionality a license gives them access to. We/you can further configure as required.

Charities meeting Microsoft's requirements here (eligibility needs to be confirmed), have access to significant discounts - more information and assistance can be obtained by contacting us.

There are Ateesa Enterprise Licenses and Ateesa Business Licenses (slightly lower cost)


Enterprise edition licensing and costs:

Most licenses will be Team Member licenses at $53 or less - but a few power users such as Schedulers will need App or Plan licenses.

There are 4 levels of pricing, from high to low:

  • Plan 2 license - includes Operations App (financials/ERP)
  • Plan 1 license - includes most Apps licenses - exceptions Operations (financials/ERP)
  • App license suitable for power users. These are state of the art modules providing exceptional productivity and ease of use -  scheduling staff for example. Managers will often require just Ateesa Team Member licenses.
  • Ateesa Team member license which is suitable for day to day staff operations

Most licenses are likely to be lower cost Ateesa Team Member licenses, but you will also need a few of the power licenses.

Licenses accumulate functionality - the higher cost includes license functionality of licenses below it.

Best NDIS Client Management

Licenses are cumulative - Ateesa functionality for day to day operations is included with Ateesa Team Member license. For instance "Plans" include many apps.

Best NDIS Plan Management

A reminder that pricing was accurate at time of publishing but subject to change without notice.

Usually around 90% or more of licenses are Ateesa Team Member licenses - which lowers costs for industry leading functionality.

Please see "Return on Investment" to understand how costs are recouped in consumer driven markets.

Claim Management Software



Business Edition Licensing:

Most licenses will be Team Member at $46, but given the overall cost difference, we highly recommend the Enterprise Licensing because of the exceptional power user license functionality.

 The Ateesa Business Edition will be available in the first quarter of 2017 - and there are special transition arrangements in place for those wishing to purchase immediately.

A Business Edition Plan which includes all Business Edition Apps is available, as well as the ability to purchase individual apps, and Ateesa Business Teem Member licenses. Typically 90% of licenses for an installation will be Team Member licenses, and we recommend the Business Edition Plan as being much higher value, than purchasing individual App licenses.

Best NDIS Service Delivery

Licenses accumulate access - so the Business Edition Plan has all the features and functionality of Apps and Team Member Licenses.

 Best NDIS Software


caring for someone with a disability

Best NDIS Claims Processing
Licensing-Pricing overview

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