Supported accommodation

On setup, we configure which components should visible to whom, and the rest are hidden.

Purpose of Ateesa:

Reduce costs of service without compromising quality

  • Simplifying for the user

  • Easy and quick to access information to save time and stress

  • Automate processes and Guide staff through processes to help staff

Manage Activities of Daily living with scheduling and be available via Smartphones, tablets, PCs

  • Medication Administration

  • Meals

  • Excursions

  • Health Professionals appointments

  • Education and training management

Client Management and Client care through convenient access to things like

  • Client Plans, Goals, Outcomes, Reviews

  • Case notes

  • Behavioral profiles

  • Financial transactions

  • Sleep, bowel and other monitoring

  • View participant conditions and alert notes so they are understood by staff

  • Easily record the completion of each service activity

Note that Client Management goes across multiple Service Programs so there is visibility allowing appropriate care in each.

Manage any financial transactions for each session eg excursion fees

Make it easy for staff to manage everything digitally – service carers can use Smartphones, tablets and PCs to manage at session information.

Provide easy access to each participant’s information to allow management of their needs

Linked Tenancy arrangements

Attract Clients-Carers

Involve Clients-Carers easily in your processes so Clients can cancel and set up bookings and attendance – so your staff know what is happening

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Supported Accommodation overview

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