Automated Funding Claims and Invoices

With those committed to NDIS this is a crucial issue as every hour of every services to each specific Client needs to be tracked and processed – a potentially significant administrative overhead which must be covered by funding for services provided.

So we stress that here.

Management starts at the beginning and just flows.

During setup Ateesa captures the services you provide and the NDIS and other funding which can be applied to those services.

When you take an Order or provide a Quote – the funding is being planned and it follows though the system so you do not need to worry about it after agreement with the Client and Carers.

·       Multiple funding sources are available for each service delivered

·       Client funded services including cost gaps are managed

·       Consumption of funding allowances provided in an NDIS Plan is tracked

Automated funding claims and invoices

When a service is delivered, the system already know how the service was planned to be funded, so it automatically creates

·       Funding claim records for each funding source for the service just delivered

·       Creates Invoice items for any client funded component of the service delivered

These records are exported into Excel with all the appropriate information to take that to funding bodies for bulk claims, at a time of your convenience.

If a funding body allows digital interaction, we could update funding bodies in real time – but to our knowledge, no one is offering that at present.

Reconciliation of funding payments

When digital records of payments made against claims becomes available in an Excel spreadsheet or other digital format, we can reconcile batches of funding claims, and track any problems or outstanding items.


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