NDIS Software

NDIS Software functionality is the management of the service delivery to comply with NDIS processes and allow NDIS funding claims to be processed.

For an organisation operating under NDIS rules, there are still one or more of the problems of 

  • Assessing a Client's needs and offering an appropriate service package - while being aware of the Client's NDIS plan.
  • Day to day Client Case Management
  • Medication administration
  • Rostering staff for service delivery
  • Administration of the funding claim process
  • Scheduling Client activities
  • In the the new individual funding model, providers need to communicate the value of their service like never before
  • More....

In addition, organisations need to start operating like a commercial business - competing for the customer's attention and individual's funding. If the term "sales" has unpleasant connotations, organisations need to think of it as Customer (Client) service and education. It is very crucial to understand each individual not only as a Client - but also as a donor, carer relationships, event attendee.

Many organisations will 

  • Engage in fundraising
  • Membership management and paid subscription management
  • Event management
  • Volunteer management
  • Need to fulfil work health and safety obligations
  • More....

Ateesa has embedded the NDIS processes into the operational aspects of an organisation delivering valuable services to the community.


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