Service Delivery Management

Service Intake

The first step is the Service Intake process as it allows you to review a Client’s NDIS Plan but also understand all the Client’s needs – and offer a complete plan.

Preparing a plan and pricing

To minimise overall data entry with the NDIS, the next step might be creating Quotes until the prospective client is happy with the proposal, and then converting to an Order at the click of a button when ready to sign the proposal / contract / plan.

Selecting your services for the plan and their default funding arrangements

The range of your services and costs are available to be added to the Quote / Order / Plan at the click of a button. Your services are configured to show the number of default NDIS supports consumed by each service delivery (NDIS price lists are in the database). 

Tracking client funding availability and usage

Ateesa tracks usage of Supports provided by NDIS and other funding streams for a client. It takes into account specific funding approvals for a particular Client - not just the standard NDIS price list. It allows for client funded supports and any fees such as excursion fees, as part of the package of services provided. 

Over time as a client requests additional services, Ateesa gives you the current funding position and plan for funding accordingly.


The services requested are booked for group services and scheduled for individual services. Some rostering assists find staff, contractors and volunteers to perform the work.

Services delivered

Staff apply one click and some notes if appropriate, on their mobile device, and system automatically updates everything, including auto creation of funding claims to one or more funders, and Invoices if there has been self-funding.

System tracks NDIS supports consumed and remaining NDIS Plan funding unused. We also have on-screen signature capture to acknowledge delivery of services.

Reconciliation of funding claims.

Using Excel spreadsheets, the system allows reconciliation of amounts received for services provided.
Any self-funded payments are also managed against the Order from Clients and Carers. Client and Carers can pay online, received


If you configure costs to provide services, you can monitor financial health of the plans and orders / quotes proposed and fulfilled.

Types of Client Services
You might offer just one type, or a combination if types of Client Services
Supported Accommodation
Day Options
Supported Accommodation
In-home support
As part of these services, you may require things like:
Meal management 
Medication administration
Sleep movements
Many more daily activities.…

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