Day Options and Respite

Day Options and Respite can be part of delivery of an NDIS Client Plan, and a service intake process allows you to capture specific Client needs. Please refer to NDIS management for more details of NDIS Management.

Day Options and Respite uses most of the features of Client Case Management to provide information to support staff about the needs of the the Client. These include Client Goals, Client Plans, Medical, Condition and Disability profiles.

Please see NDIS Software for information about managing quotes, services agreements and NDIS claims and reconciliation.

Overview of Day Options and Respite

  • Day Options and Respite programs can have multiple sessions. 
  • Booking into the program, Clients are automatically enrolled in the program's multiple sessions, but each session can be managed independently.
  • Each session has a team assigned to deliver it, which can be repeated or rostered independently (team members can be contractors).
  • Automated reminders can be sent via SMS or email if needed.
  • Web portal allows Carers and Clients to view their schedule and any other planned activities, as well as location maps.
  • Client Groups allow scheduling of Client with similar needs, in each program.
  • Automation and copying existing programs makes administration simpler.


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