In Home support

Only the features used will be visible, and only by the people you wish to see them

In Home Support uses most of the features of Client Case Management to provide information to support staff about the needs of the the Client. These include Client Goals, Client Plans, Medical, Condition and Disability profiles.

Please see NDIS Software for information about managing quotes, services agreements and NDIS claims and reconciliation.

  • Maps of location and pictures of Client - important if you need to manage travel, and for support staff to fidn the location quickly
  • Smartphone capability for support staff showing the most important information when delivering
  • Personalised description of support service
  • Dietary information
  • Alerts for support staff safety
  • Alerts for Client needs
  • Record delivery and system automatically creates claims and invoices
  • Rostering of support staff capability
  • Reports for carers and families


Please see Client Case Management

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