Supported Employment

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Supported Employment uses most of the functionality of Client Case Management to provide information to support staff about the needs of the the Client. These include Client Goals, Client Plans, Medical, Condition and Disability profiles.

Please see NDIS Software for information about managing quotes, services agreements and NDIS claims and reconciliation.


Supported employment managers and supervisors are always being pulled in multiple directions. They have the task of keeping employees happy, as well as the customers who are paying for products or services from your organisation, as well as dealing with pure delivery/production/supplier issues.

Some responsibilities focus on employees, and others focus on the customer organisation's requirements.

Managing delivery of products and services

Focusing on delivering to customer requirements, employment managers need to:

  • Manage quality of output, as well as quality of materials input
  • Wage assessments scheduled and based on able bodied productivity, skills Client satisfaction surveysmobile systems on iPads, tablets as well as PCs – so you can work with clients
  • Work Health & Safety including hazards and risks, and WHS Incidents
  • Time recording of hours worked
  • Efficiency of the process
  • Automated calculations where appropriate
  • Agreed hours, days, and any changes
  • Interfaces to time recordingJob tracking from sales through to delivery
  • Work quality management
  • Interface to financial systems
  • Employment history
  • Skills & certifications

The employment manager also needs to focus on needs of client employees. Ateesa offers:

  • Develop Client plans leading to achievement of Client Goals
  • Provide support and training
  • Record and track the amount of time and support provided
  • Review able bodied productivity comparisons, and work with client development staff on wage assessments
  • Manage medication used by employees
  • Use surveys for clients to understand their satisfaction
  • Create Client Case notes to assist
  • Skills assessments and training received


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