Communications and Community

Consumer choice

The forecast for NDIS is that Clients are likely to stick with current providers for the first 12 months, but then start exercising their ability to move around and choose selectively.

What needs to happen

When that happens organisations will need to have established the value and differences of their services. In addition, commercial organisations are already starting to offer their services to Clients so there will be competition for the minds of Clients and Carers.


The toolset used to solve these issues are marketing communication and social media tools. Ateesa offers all these extensive tools through the courtesy of Microsoft’s platform on which Ateesa is built.

Part time help to achieve these objectives

For many reasons this is often an area where the availability of people who understand the system and you, are useful to minimise your costs and get the job done.



Ø  Email nurturing programs to give Clients and Carers the information they need.

Ø  Social media listening so that the system informs you of social conversation occurring about you, or the services you provide.

Ø  Lists which reflect people’s interests and goals so that you can action appropriately and sensitively.

Ø  Automated surveys following interaction so that recipients and Carers know you value their opinion, and provide you with the knowledge to increase loyalty and develop services and products tailored to consumer desires.

Web portal for Clients and Carers, supporters and volunteers, to include them in your processes and make it easy for them to work with you. Allow them to book, re-schedule, pay online, track services delivered and funding supports consumed, etc


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