Fundraising and Revenue Raising

For non-profits the objective is always to provide the best quality services possible, for their community, and provide value added services.

Fundraising, grants and sales of products are one way to do that and may in the future be a differentiator between one provider who just matches services under NDIS or other funding programs, and another provider who offers more because the support they have from the community allows them to offer more.


Grants are opportunities for funding from a number of different sources. It is good to be able to identify which applications are worth putting the effort into, and what is regarded be the grant administrators as a valued program.

Ateesa manages these opportunities

Sales of products

Where supported employment or perhaps large scale merchandise sales are an activity pursued, management of opportunities, quotes and orders flowing through to fulfilment / production, are important.

Ateesa also has a costing capability to allow you to quote based on cost + margin.


An important aspect of fundraising is the ability to pay online at any convenient time. Ateesa has a web portal which offers this.

Fundraising functionality supports:

·       One off donations

·       Donations In-memory of

·       Recurring donations

·       Gifts in kind

·       Event tickets

·       Fundraising participation (fun runs and other participant fundraisers)

·       Community events

·       Sponsorship (over time or for an event)

·       Bequests

·       Lotteries

·       Merchandise including clothing with size and colours

Paid subscription

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