User Adoption

Installing some software unfortunately never achieves the objectives people are seeking - a change management process is required.

We really want you to be successful with our systems, so offer modules to help. It is worth spending some time on User adoption and enthusiasm for using the new system.

a)      Share module.

Sharing positive stories encourage people to learn. When Users login to Ateesa, they can see a screen which share stories about individual and organisational successes within Ateesa. This can be enhanced further, with incentives when people achieve and contribute.


b)      Ongoing training management module.

Understanding who is struggling and who is making rapid progress give good feedback about how people are coping with change.

We provide free online videos for our customers on how to do things within standard Ateesa.

We also offer an optional web based training module which can ask questions to test knowledge and track progress. This is especially useful when teams exceed 20 or 30 users.

This optional module which can also be tuned to your specific processes, and expanded to induction and safety training.

c)       Process improvement module

We recommend a user operational committee to meet and discuss progress and problems. We include free tools within Ateesa to allow users to capture ideas and problems as they are working and are thinking about it. These can then be reviewed by the committee.


d)      Project quick start module.

If Users are involved at the start - it is more likely they will pick up the system and work with it when implemented. An optional formal kick start of a project, will give you access to a standard Ateesa system where as they are working, can enter questions and change requirements.

This feed-back is then available for the project implementation team to consider, and accurate costing and requirements for success, locked in.

Please see Project Implementation to understand our recommended implementation methodology

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