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  • Business process documentation
  • Gap analysis
  • Configuring and customising
  • Ateesa training
  • Continuous improvement coaching
  • Customisation
  • Integration
  • Reports
  • Technical

Improvement Coaching

  • Make what you have work for you
  • For serious digital businesses
  • Ongoing staff empowerment
  • Server maintenance
  • Networks maintenance
  • End user machines
  • Coaching as required

We Ateesa operate for you

  • When short on staff
  • When short on skills
  • Regular - but not full time tasks
  • Staff changes

Disability Funding Plans

Disability management

Project Services

Transforming a business to a digital culture where systems drive more satisfying experiences for your customers, is not an easy task and we have tried to provide some ideas and templates in our downloads and links section, but nothing beats a face to face discussion to exchange ideas.

Our project services are designed to assist your team get the most value from technology. We have listed the steps we think you need to consider for a successful outcome, but we discuss your specific requirements and circumstances to bring things together.

  1. Create a shared internal general vision statement about what needs to be achieved and why, so that staff and users of technology understand the reason and objectives. The more involvement of key stakeholders in this, the better.
  2. Develop documentation describing how the solution chosen will map to business processes and how it work. This will be the start of education and training.     
  3. Develop detailed business process flow documentation. This will become training and reference material.     
  4. Configure and tailor the system, import existing data.    
  5. Train and support.         
  6. Continuous improvement and self-paced training as data and it’s flow are the lifeblood of successful organisations.

Continuous Improvement Coaching

We have noticed – after implementing a system we leave and the discipline to regularly review (monthly) what is happening with the organisation’s business flows relative to the system which is there to support them.

  • As with many products including Microsoft Word for instance, 85% of the available functionality is never used as it is not needed until it is needed – and then it is unlikely that someone close will know the functionality is already available to fix a new problem.
  • Organisation’s processes change – especially between now and 2018 as the disability services / community services sector changes rapidly.

It is invaluable to consider input from your staff is managed effectively, and because of day to day pressures few organisations do this well. Significant enhancements are possible with minimal cost to give you a terrific return on investment, as the market and your organisation, changes.

This service involves meeting with key users monthly or as you deem appropriate, for a couple of hours, to review issues and any frustrations raised by staff and if there are easy ways to resolve using technology. Ateesa collects information from Users in a “We would like” screen which can be used by your Business Process Steering Committee to review, and determine if any, and what action should be taken.

This data collection is available to you even if you do not use our services, and we encourage you to use it.

Ad hoc coaching

This service is about getting the most from what you already have, when the someone asks “Can I do this ?” or “How do I do this?”, and immediate colleagues cannot help.

We invariably find asking the question “Why do you want to do that?” in response leads to a better outcome for the person asking the question. Often the person asking the question will not have the depth of knowledge about what is available within the system, to address the motivation for the question in the most beneficial way.

Customisation, Integration, Reports, process automation, dialogs, Guided Business Processes

Ateesa is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 which is a massive suite of functionality and capability, which has been tailored to your industry.

There is enormous flexibility for your team to adopt to your specific needs – in theory you do not need us to do it. The challenge is that if your team have operational tasks, they are unlikely to be able to take the time in their working week to get on top of the technical process to make changes. Over time some of your staff will come to terms with some pieces of the change process, as we can assist them understand how to do it, if they wish to make changes regularly. But it is tough if you also have a “day job”.

This is where we can step in and assist if it is required. Incidentally we take advantage of the flexibility to be able to do things very quickly and reliably as we deal with these systems every day.

Infrastructure services

Our primary passion is providing technology to support teams to achieve extraordinary success, but is doing so we are also involved in assisting with IT infrastructure services when required.

We have to have good knowledge of infrastructure to deliver apps which work reliably and well in multiple environments and situations.

If you have a specific need or requirement in this area, we can formulate a package which suits the need.
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