Ateesa is an enterprise software app for service providers delivering services in consumer driven markets such as NDIS and Aged Care.


It is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and allows users to engage and work with services consumers who can easily change service providers. Ateesa gives you the ability to give consumers a responsive experience so they are not tempted to go elsewhere.

Ateesa on Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 provides a platform staff are familiar with. It is also a leading global base which ensures ongoing enhancements and adjustments as new ways of doing things, evolve.

Existing customers

Our customers vary from single user systems to geographically dispersed 250 user systems, so you can rely on our experience beyond just the technology, but also to make it work for your staff.


Ateesa staff have been working with non-profits for over a decade.

 Before engaging with customers we like to understand where they are in their readiness to change, and exchange ideas about what is required to take on change necessary for new market conditions.


Melbourne: 03 8683 7415

Sydney:       02 8282 6030

Adelaide:    08 7111 0709

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