Differences between registered and unregistered NDIS service providers

In general, people have a tendency to feel uneasy if the term unregistered is used. Companies and organisations generally spend time and money on certifications and registrations to build trust amongst their customers. That being said, if the term unregistered NDIS service provider makes you uncomfortable, you are not alone. But are there really that many differences between the two? Should it really have a major impact on your decision? This article gives a little more clarity to make an informed decision. 

The main difference between an unregistered and registered NDIS service provider for an NDIS participant is the management of funds. If your NDIS plan is self managed or plan managed, you can access unregistered NDIS service providers. However, if your plan is NDIA managed, the only option you have is to use a registered NDIS provider. 
Usually, an unregistered NDIS service provider sends the invoices to you, and you have to claim the funds from NDIS manually (self-managed). However, if you are plan managed, it becomes a lot easier for you as the plan manager will complete the entire process. 

The decision to choose an unregistered service provider or not depends on your judgement. There are two main factors to consider: 

1) As mentioned above, if you are self-managed or plan managed, then you have an option to choose an unregistered service provider. 

2) Another critical factor to consider is that unregistered service providers don't have to follow the guidelines and regulations of the NDIS Commission. Nevertheless, getting great quality unregistered service providers is highly possible, and the choice to trust them will depend on your judgement. 

Usually, NDIS service providers don't register themselves because of the lack of financial resources. Moreover, the registration process takes a lot of time and effort as well that can cause further hindrance to smaller organisations. The level of skill doesn't necessarily depend on the registration, but the risk is slightly higher with an unregistered NDIS service provider. 

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