Reasons why you should invest in an efficient NDIS software solution

The core purpose of NDIS service providers is focusing on doing good for the community. However, in most cases, organisations are overwhelmed with the amount of complex, additional workload that deviates them from their goal. This is where a software solution like Ateesa comes in, to make your life simpler and help you direct your efforts in improving their quality of life. 

Different organisations have different needs. Having a tailored software solution based on your requirements is crucial for the growth of the organisation. Here are some of the ways a software solution or an application for NDIS providers can simplify their life and help them focus on what's really important: 


1) Managing all the valuable client information.

Client management is an essential part of an NDIS service provider's operation. Managing the client information, financial transactions, rostering, and operating the service activity are some of the examples of the work carried out by NDIS providers. While all this is very important, it can get overwhelming with time, and manual methods will not help you do the job efficiently. This is where an all-in-one, end-to-end software can help you solve all these problems by integrating the most critical issues of your organisation into a single portal. However, not all organisations require all the services of the software or app and hence, spending some time to get the solution tailored for your organisation can save time and money. 


2) A single portal for all your needs

A single portal for all the clients, carers and partner requirements can be extremely beneficial to the organisation in reliably responding as required along with managing time. The portal can allow supporters to pay for donations, events or any other transaction which gives organisations the ability to monitor the finances more efficiently. Moreover, a single app can enable clients to book services based on mutual availability. It reduces any miscommunication and increases the credibility of the organisation over time. However, for an organisation to thoroughly adopt a portal, it should be catered to them by offering solution based on their needs, including the theme, presentation and features.  


3) Financial management 

A key aspect for any organisation is managing its finances over the long-term. While many organisations face this challenge, having an NDIS software/app solution tailored to solve this massive issue can be a simple alternative to reduce the burden. An app can help in automatic generation of funding claims and invoices as soon as a service is delivered. This automation can help reduce the possibility of any human errors caused during a financial transaction. An efficient software also provides financial consumption and balance, thereby enabling complete transparency between clients, carers and the organisation. Organisations can also monitor the rate of success associated with claims. Finally, an app can facilitate online transactions that can quickly help organisations minimise administrative costs. 


4) Scheduling and Rostering

It becomes almost impossible to manage a wide range of activities and clients at the same time. However, using an app gives you an option to automate scheduling to ensure the customer service of the organisation continues running smoothly. Including travel time, resource location and routes can help simplify the planning to make it more efficient for the organisation, carer and client. An end-to-end solution like Ateesa is designed to streamline your processes as much as possible to boost efficiency. Advanced features like drag and drop can help in managing shifts efficiently, saving time and reducing administrative errors. An app can also be a lot more effective in handling any leaves or staff absenteeism compared to administrative efforts on a spreadsheet.


5) Fundraising 

An application or software can make it a lot easier to manage multiple groups of supporters with varying interests. By using the existing database of contacts, organisations can find the right people to support the right cause much more efficiently than ever before. Organisations can automate the entire customer journey for supporters by even sending a thank you email at the end to provide an excellent customer experience.


While there are many more benefits of having an app to simplify your needs, it is completely dependant on the organisation to reduce the workload by opting the services they want to automate and integrate. As technology changes NDIS, it is crucial for organisations to quickly adapt to these changes to continue competing and also provide the best service to their clients. Always remember that overcoming short-term challenges lead to a long-term benefit. 


At Ateesa we believe in simplifying your operations to support you to focus on your clients. We offer a ready-made app that can be tailored to your organisational needs. 


Contact us today to find out the best solution for your organisation. 



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