For your role

Senior management

Visualisation of data in real-time graphs.

Use end-user reporting with Office 365 Power BI to display any needed data to make decisions.

Automated workflows to provide consistency and higher reliability.

Guided processes manage staff through their daily work activities, thereby improving results.

Finance and NDIS processing

Automated generation of funding claims and invoices when a service is delivered.

Simple and easy batch upload to NDIS portal.

Client customers and carers can view support consumption and balance via an online portal.

Client's can conveniently pay online, helping you minimise administration costs.

Scheduler and rosters

Option to automate scheduling

Drag and drop resources on a schedule board

Include travel time in scheduling

View resource locations and travel routes on a map to plan.

Comms to stakeholders

Marketing allows communication with interested stakeholders, automating the collection of crucial data.

Provides value in the communication of offerings to interested stakeholders

Tailor communications to the interest of the recipient.


Fundraising functions for all fundraising activities

One system with all the contacts to facilitate communicating with an experience, tailored to the recipient's needs and desires.

Measure relative successes to precisely understand what is working.

Email marketing along with tracking recipient's interests.

Social media management linking records in Ateesa, and respond to events.

WHS Manager

Manage hazards, related Safety Operating Procedure, Material Safety Data Sheets to produce the information needed instantly.

Easily manage return to work plans


Manages opportunities and makes forecasting easy and convenient.

Provides leads through using LinkedIn or most social media platforms.