intended to be an End to end out-of-the-box solution for NDIS and client care delivery, with all the features that entails. Ateesa provides the basis of organisational process and procedure, which can also be customised to specific needs. Please talk to us if you would like to see our user stories as to how different roles can do their jobs.
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implementaion options

Range of options to get you operational.

We provide a full suite of instructional videos which may allow a small organisation to setup their data and start using. Larger organisations may benefit from our experience in setting up more data and more complex use. 

  • Start up cost options.
  • Full rapid assistance if required.
  • eLearning and tracking site specific to your needs if required.
  • You can choose the levels of support you require, at any time.
  • System operation can be provided if you need to source staff.

Runs on Microsoft environment

Broad based platform

We have done a massive amount of customsiation to specifically meet NDIS¬† and client care needs. But this sits inside your Microsoft environment, where Microsoft adds ten time more functions. Marketing, client communication, HR functions, financials, operation within outlook, efficient storage of documents in the cloud….and there is an enormous skill pool of technical resources if you need them.

  • Operates in your Microsoft environment in Microsoft Australian data centres.
  • Microsoft security and professional cloud operations.
  • …..lots more