Add Ateesa NDIS & care management software to your Microsoft environment

Exciting results from digitising your ndis business processes

  • optimises customer experience to foster loyalty
  • reduces expenses
  • simplifies decision making
  • positions your organisation with a stable platform for growth and success

Ateesa with Microsoft provides an out-of-the-box digital enterprise system for NDIS Service providers and aged care.

You can be a small business or a large business, Microsoft data centres provide the appropriate computing power required. Digitisation helps small organisations assert themselves against large organisations.

Ateesa adoption methodology

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Ateesa Platform

Technical foundation of Ateesa

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Out of the box solution for NDIS Service providers and client care

Ateesa out-of-the-box software

Ateesa simplifies your life by providing digitisation of service provider operations to improve efficiency, make it as easy as possible for on-going processes. It provides a stable base of systems and processes once all your data is setup. Your staff are given information allowing them to to their jobs and be productive.  

supported independent living

Once a client’s routine has been scheduled and roster of care data populated, support workers comfortably manage day to day activities without a lot of training, using mobile phones or house tablets.

The tasks and information required for a particular shift are available. Of course multiple clients can occupy a single house.

Single click on delivery kicks off the automated billing/claim process.

Support coordination

Support coordination can be challenging because it is often ad hoc and delivered at a rapid pace. Once client data is entered into the system, recording of service delivery is simple as the system intelligently applies data relevant to the Client automatically, saving time and errors – although there is scope for staff to update if required. 

financial system integration

Ateesa creates invoices within the database itself. You have the option of forwarding from Ateesa or moving to the financial system and sending from there – the choice is yours. If sent from Ateesa, we update your financial system so which is where statutory reporting accurs.

Runs on mobile devices, dictation for notes

We provide information from the central Microsoft datacentre out to mobile phones, tablets and PCs and 2-way data transfer (encrypted) occurs.

Support workers can talk to their phone, instad of typing information in, to record case notes and any other information. 


Ateesa customisation is applied by us to your Microsoft environment. Ateesa is built using Microsoft’s PowerPlatform which Microsoft promotes as low code/no code.

Hence using best practice approaches so that future Microsoft enhancements are not compromised, we, or you, can add customised processes for your specific operation.

Assistance we provide

The reality is that staff shortages occur, and unexpected events impact day to day work. We seek to make operational staff available to run different aspects of enterprise operations within Ateesa, if and when required. They have business knowledge as well as being comfortable with Ateesa

Community Access

All the different forms of community access are available for scheduling of service delivery, from one on one services to group services. 

Classes such as cooking, theatre, shopping and more, are easily scheduled.

Single click on delivery kicks off the automated billing/claim process.

Plan management

While Ateesa has Plan Management functions, it also has the ability to interact by billing external plan managers, providing all the information for speedy payment to the Plan Manager. If you are providing plan management services, claiming etc is automated.

automated claims and billing

Ateesa initiates one of the claims/billing process systems once a service has been clicked as delivered, from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Client data will already have been entered as part of the Intake process, so appropriate charges are included on the claim/invoice to plan manager. When plan managed, one invoice is provided for each client with all the services delivered within the timeframe you have chosen.

Funding tracking and reporting

During the intake process the system will record data including funding available to the client, funding the client has authorised you to spend in delivering services (and which services) to them. 

Ateesa keeps track of available funding and forecasts future expenditure and likely balance at the end of the client services agreement.  

Warning are provided as funding is consumed so that you can action, to ensure all services delivered can be paid for.

rostering, timesheets and payroll

Scheduling services for Clients is one side of the equation – you then need to schedule and adapt to different circumstances, the staff and contractors to deliver those services.

Rostering and timesheets are also included with Ateesa, acknowledging SCHADS award, which then flows through to payroll.

The team at Axem have been integral to implementing the Ateesa software and integrating it with existing apps for two organisations with whom I have been involved. Their willingness to provide all the tools and instructions necessary and respond in such a timely manner to support requests sets them apart from other operators in the software development sector. If you want highly adaptable software applications with the support of a technically proficient team that care about the value added to your organisation, then you cannot go past Axem.
Ian Hopkins