Technical foundation of Ateesa

Technical foundation of Ateesa

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Ateesa is built using Microsoft ”Power Platform”.

So what?…you might ask.

In both the short-term and long-term, I believe there are significant cost and performance benefits.

  • Very flexible – I am sure you will have new and better ideas in the future for your business and changes can be economically added to a Power Platform based system which you already have. This is quite apart from changes in funding approaches governments are certain to introduce in the future as situations evolve.
  • A large skill pool of people – there are millions of users world wide with hundreds of thousands of developers who can help you. This is before you consider Microsoft’s vision of “low code, no code” allowing less experienced people to at least add some functionality to an existing system.
  • The “Dataverse” concept of a pool of data with a security layer on top means that you can “combine” applications from Microsoft as well as third parties, AND providing things like artificial intelligence, chatbots and more….to supercharge the functionality you deploy in the first iteration
  • You can at a time convenient to you in the future, tap into further business enhancing change adding Marketing and Sales, interactive customer websites involving your customers and clients in your automated processes, and more
  • Managed and secured by Microsoft in their Australian data centres – first class servers and data centre management and security.
  • Anything built for the office desktop or laptop, also works on mobile devices…same app.

The Power Platform is an ideal environment for digitization of organisational processes.